What Are #EDUreps?

#EDUreps are quick, simple REPetitive tasks students use to master basic concepts. The repetitive practice allows for automaticity. Inspired by Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern’s ideas of #EDUprotocols.

Why #EDUreps?

Students need predictability when it comes to practice. We don’t want our students to learn a new protocol for daily practice. We want students to understand the material. New pages with new tasks present hurdles for students. Take the guesswork out, watch your students improve. BONUS:¬†Value of repetition! Hattie Effect Size of .73!

The Basics

Introduce an #EDUrep to your class as a whole. Walk through the format and do it together a few days in a row. As your students see the same format daily, they will quickly gain automaticity. They will know what to do and all you have to do is change 1 item on the paper. Each Friday, you can use the #EDUrep as a formative assessment. Once the whole class has mastered a skill, move on to another #EDUrep. Be sure to spiral the mastered #EDUreps throughout the year. We suggest a full week of a mastered #EDUrep as a spiral review.